Graphical Mitosis – The Calculus of Beauty. (Prologue)

Preface – Petal Zero *

What makes a successful logo? Or typeface? Or painting? Or flower?

What seemingly invisible “scale” determines the success of such things? There must be SOME kind of connecting thread between all the “winning designs”, right?

Well. The answer is a resounding “yes”. Absolutely. Beauty, just like every other archetype & concept, manifests in patterned, reoccuring ways. There are explicit rules and guidelines that determine what one’s brain interprets to be……Beautiful.

It’s extremely interesting (and honestly — fun as f#&$) to delve into the microcosm of cognitive functions, and examine emotional reactions on the fundamental level. At one point I remember I had an apprehension about such analyses. I was concerned that an analytical deconstruction of the topic would perhaps diminish its impact on me. My fears were, thankfully, far from the truth.

The actuality was quite the opposite — I found that the more I wondered about beauty and aesthetics, the more lovely sights I could see. It was self-sustaining, self-propagating. Thinking about beauty…..gave me more of a reason to view it. To WANT to view it. To go out of my way for such sights. To………

…to truly enjoy them.

So, I thank you for having an interest in the lovely views of this world, and in having a desire to understand the world around you a bit better. I hope that my words and thoughts help your passion for beauty burn a little brighter, a bit more intensely and efficiently. And then I hope that afterwards, it may have been enough to spark your own interest in perceiving, pursuing, and even creating, beauty of your own.

Thank you for the interest in beauty. Your genuine interest itself is yet another of the magnificent bounty of beautiful things to be found in the world.

A.x. Tigo December 2011


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